Saturday, 5 March 2011

Drying out....

Charlie hates being wet! Even when he has a drink he runs off to find a rug or some poor persons shoes to wipe his mouth dry. Unfortunately he has a passion for foxes mess and takes great pride in rubbing it all over himself. Showers are now nearly always a part of his daily routine.

Friday, 4 March 2011

The Park Keeper's Boots

Charlie doesn't wear a wristwatch. He doesn't listen to the time signals on radio 4. He just knows when it's 11.00 am.

I don't wear a watch either - the battery's gone - so I rely on Charlie to let me know the time. He doesn't need a battery, right on time he's pulling my slippers off and running around making a weird noise like an early contestant on the X Factor.

Muddy wellies on, ball and Frisbee in hand, a pocketful of yumyums, poo bags and he's off. Living next door to Wimbledon park is of course great!
First stop is a muddy puddle for a drink, then he spots Pam the park's gardener who's busy fertilising the rose garden.  He's off across the green like a greyhound and greets Pam with a wet kiss, wagging tail and muddy paws. He's rewarded with a yumyum (normally raw carrot) and she's rewarded with him peeing on her boots. Time to move on......he spots a friend, Honey the Golden Spaniel, also 18 months old and always up for a game of chase. Charlie soon leads her astray and takes her into the woods....ten minutes later they emerge. Honey now a Black Spaniel is caked in mud and they both smell like a swamp creatures after rolling around in fox poo. A swift goodbye is said and we are heading home for a much needed bath. Charlie is feeling very pleased with himself and I could swear he is smiling.